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Golddiggie 07-13-2011 02:06 AM

On Elm Street
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Brewed: 4/24
Bottled: 5/29

10# Pale Malt (2 Row) UK Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise
1# Crystal Maris Otter (55 SRM)
1# Honey Malt (25 SRM)
1.00oz Northdown hops (9.60% AA) 60 min
0.50oz EKG (5.00% AA) 15 min
0.50oz EKG (5.00% AA) 5 min
1/2 tsp Irish Moss (15 min)
1/2 tsp Wyeast beer nutrient (15 min)

Mash at 150F for 90 minutes
Sparge at 170F

Infused with pure O2 via air stone and O2 tank (original setup from Williams Brewing Supply). Fermented within a 1/6 bbl Sanke keg (used fermcap-s to prevent blow-off). It did get a little warm (about 75F for 5-8 hours) one day, before going back to the temps it was supposed to be at. No off flavors evident at bottling, or since then.

Carbonated to 2.4 CO2 volumes at bottling. Carbonated with dememera sugar.

Nicely carbonated, pours a large head initially, which settles to a thin head (~1/8") for the entire glass. Very refreshing, clean, with the EKG flavors coming through. The crystal Maris Otter is a subtle biscuit flavor, which combines very nicely with the honey malt and Golden Promise base malt.

At 6% ABV, it's a good drink. Not too high in content, or too low. Slight sweet spice flavors from the EKG hops come through when vocalizing. :drunk:

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