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philrose 06-18-2012 07:15 PM

eff5 Ordinary Bitter
Grain & Adjunct, Calculated for 79% Efficiency
  • 9 # English Pale Malt (72%)
  • 0.75# Crystal 120 (6%)
  • 0.5 # Biscuit (4%)
  • 1 # Flaked oats (8%)
  • 1.25# Sugar (Cane) (10%)

  • 60 min- 1oz Magnum, Whole, 12.8%a, 21 IBU
  • 20 min- 2oz Willamette, Whole, 5%a, 10 IBU

Mash (with easy step profile for cooler users)
  • 10 Min- Rest at 130 deg F, (strike: 3.7 gal at 139 deg F)
  • 50 Min- Rest at 154 deg F, (Infuse: 7 quarts at 212 deg F)
  • No Mash out, Sparge for Pre boil volume of 12.75 Gallons

Cool to 67, Pitch 1 package (rehydrated) Notty

  • Calculated for higher efficiency, always seems to happen on small beers with my False-bottomed cooler setup.
  • Carbonated low, under 2 volumes- primed each keg with 2.2 oz of cane sugar at 70 degrees for 2 weeks
  • My brewing software tells me that this is a slight under-pitch, I have not noticed off-flavors. Feel free to use a starter if you like.
  • Hopping is flexible for both time and variety. I've made it with US saaz and really enjoyed the results. I have also used a flameout addition before.


This is the beer I brew when I'm starting a new "cycle" or when I hit refresh on my brewing. After living in hotels for the last two years, it was something I truly missed about home.

I started brewing bitter with Jamil's Recipe from brewing classic styles (excellent, of course). And then moved on to variations of Bob's Pride of Raubsville. This was one of the simpler ones, ditching new trendy malts for old reliables biscuit and 120.

This is a really simple beer, with which, I've made minor tweaks. I don't always make it the same way twice, but this is the most common version of it.

brewski08 06-19-2012 01:58 AM

This looks like a beer i'd very much like to brew. However I'm looking at your recipe, and it's saying that these are the ingredients for an 11 gallon batch. I brew 5.5 gallon batches, so is this recipe calling for only 4.5 pounds of base malt for a 5.5 gallon batch?

philrose 06-19-2012 05:42 AM

Yep, Not a misprint. This is not a strong beer.

Keep in mind your typical efficiency, you might want to scale up the base malt a bit if you're convinced you won't hit the 79% eff specified. If you happen to overshoot (like I routinely do on low gravity beers) and make a stronger wort, it's no big deal! The beer will just need proportionally more hop.

The pre boil OG (without sugar) I aim for is 1.026. Late addition of sugar adds four gravity points and a good boil gets the wort to 1035.

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