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greencoat 04-09-2011 12:54 PM

Norther German Altbier (Best In Show)
10.7 lbs of grain in the mash:

9 lb Pilsen
1 lb Munich Dark
0.5 lb Crystal 60L
0.2 lb Roasted Barley

Strike your mash with 4 gallons @ 161F and rest for 75 min. Target mash temp is 150F.

Vorlauf and collect first runnings.

Sparge with 5.1 gallons @ 177F.

Collect second runnings and prepare to boil.

Boil is 90 mins.

1 oz Hallertauer (4.7%aa) @ 90 min for 15 IBUs
3 oz Saaz (3.3%aa) 30 min for 22 IBUs

Cool to ~63F and pitch a vial of WLP029 - German Ale/Kölsch yeast.

I didn't do a starter for my batch and it seemed to work fine at such a low starting gravity.

This worked out to be 4.7%ABV and makes for a very tasty session beer, and it scored me a gold metal and first in show. Cheers!

scinerd3000 04-09-2011 09:58 PM

what competition did this win a medal in? Looks like an awesome recipe and one I may have to toss on my wlp029 cake

greencoat 04-11-2011 07:42 PM

It took first in my club's hosted comp, and secured me an invite to nationals :D

I've just about cashed the keg, but I think it may become my house beer. It's easy to throw a bunch back and still be coherent.

scinerd3000 04-12-2011 04:27 PM

nice...i feel hints of jealousy. Grain ordered for this one but I'm gonna add pineapple and well see how it turns out :) Thanks

dawgmatic 02-02-2012 04:09 PM

What was the batch size after boil? Also what was your starting and finishing gravity?

jmf143 02-03-2012 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by dawgmatic (Post 3735092)
What was the batch size after boil? Also what was your starting and finishing gravity?

As shown at the top of the page -

Batch Size (Gallons): 5
Original Gravity: 1.048
Final Gravity: 1.012

YOUR post-boil batch size will depend on your system - your pre-boil volume and how much break\trub\hop debris you leave behind. YOUR SG and FG will depend on your efficiency and how well your yeast attenuates and how well you maintain 150 degrees in your mash tun.

dawgmatic 02-03-2012 07:22 PM

I see, my droid fails at showing the whole posts sometimes

dawgmatic 04-08-2012 07:33 PM

just thought I'd leave a little update, I brewed a variation of this one about 2 weeks after I had previously posted. I followed this grain bill but used Kaiser's mash procedure and hop schedule. This beer turned out wonderful and received a great deal of praise from everyone I shared with. I was very disappointed when the keg finally gave out last week. I will definitely make this one again, next time I'll follow greencoat's hop schedule so I can compare.
It stayed right at 67 the whole primary, I did get some slightly fruity ester tones so next time I will probably aim for lower 60's. However, I do recall listening to Jamil discuss how he prefers Alts with the slightly fruity tones an I think I can totally relate. great job on this one greencoat

timmeroo 05-14-2012 11:58 PM

I brewed this sucker a couple months ago and it's killer. Many compliments from homebrew pals and casual drinkers. Easy brewing, great color for the style and malty deliciousness. Great for when you want something full of malt flavor w/o being heavy or ending up loopy. Well done!

integra93ls 05-25-2012 01:52 AM

Guess I'm gonna have to try this also.

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