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Iordz 10-14-2007 01:48 AM

Traditional Kölsch
Grain Bill:
Grain Weight Percentage
German Pilsener 7.5lb 94%
German Munich 4oz 3%
German Wheat 4oz 3%

Hop Variety Form AA% Amount Time
German Hallertau Pellet 4.5AA% 1oz 60min
German Hallertau Pellet 4.5AA% .5oz 10min

80% Efficiency
90min @ 149F Saccharification rest

Fermetation and carbonation
Cool to 58F and pitch, at least, 1qt yeast starter.
The beer should be fermented relatively cool, around 58-60F, to keep fruitiness and esters from developing.
Lager the beer at 40-50F for at least two weeks, but a month is recommended.
Keg: 10psi for a week at 40F= 2.3-2.4 volumes CO2.
If you bottle, 4-5oz corn sugar will work, just let it sit at room temp for two weeks to carbonate.

This is a very refreshing, low alcohol (4.7ABV), session beer. It should be clean, dry, almost lager-like, yet it have a hint of maltiness from the munich and breadiness from the wheat. No fruitiness, diacetyl, DMS, or sulphur off flavors. Should have a good head that won't collapse easily, the month of cold conditioning will leave the beer crystal clear without the need for filtration.

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