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rxl182 03-04-2011 04:31 PM

Spelt Kolsch
A little big and hoppy for a Kolsch, but I went with the Victory approach and based it loosely on Prima Pils. The Hallertauer gives it a little bit more of a flowery aroma but the bitterness and reasonably high attenuation give it a nice, clean bite. It's a very simple grain bill and works great if you have a cold basement in the winter, I've been much happier with the 2565 down around 60 than up around 70.

10 lb. Pils
4 oz. Flaked Spelt

0.5 oz Perle (60 min.)
1.0 oz Hallertauer (40 min.)
1.0 oz Hallertauer (20 min.)
1.0 oz Hallertauer (5 min.)

Single infusion @ 150F.

Fermented at 58F for 2 weeks and threw it in the fridge for a week at 39F, carbonated with dextrose to 2.5 vols CO2.

After conditioning, the longer the better in the fridge - it takes a little effort to get this yeast to clear out.

I'm curious to hear any comments if anyone gives this a try. I've consulted this site for years but this is the first post I've made.

OPWN3NTSL4Y3R 01-23-2012 04:40 AM

I know this is old post but, I like the idea of a Prima Kolsch. How did it turn out? I'm considering brewing something similar to this but with some white wheat instead of spelt and a little saaz mixed in with the Hallertauer.

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