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Dougan 01-12-2009 02:51 AM

Dougan's Creamy Delight
This is a brew that I just tasted and it turned out pretty well. I wanted to make a beer that my friends would enjoy as well so I decided to make a variety of Cream Ale and brew it rather light (OG 1.040). I'm sure this recipe would be good at a higher gravity as well. If you want something that's not so light, I'd just treat this as, say, a 4 gallon recipe instead of 4.5.

4.5 gallons (NOT 5, didn't want to bust into another 3 lb bag of extract).
3 lb Pilsen Extra Light DME
.85 lb Bavarian Wheat DME
.5 lb carafoam/carapils
.25 lb crystal 60L
.5 oz Cascade @ 60
.5 oz Cascade @ 20

I used Windsor dry yeast but I would recommend WYeast 1056. It'd also be interesting to try it with one of those wheat beer yeasts, though the wheat malt takes up a small percentage of the boil.

I went with the 1-2-3 rule and bottled with 3/4 cup corn sugar. Primary, Secondary, and Bottle conditioning were all done at room temperature which varies between 60 and 70 degrees depending on what the downstairs neighbors set their thermostat at :-/.

I think the Cascade hops work for the bittering but I may try something new for the aroma. I also may try switching the extract proportions to make it more wheaty in the future. Anyway, thought I would share this. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and so did my friends. Be warned that it was lighter than my normal homebrews but that's what I was going for so everything was A-OK.

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