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progmac 06-18-2012 12:51 PM

Back East Cream Ale
Easy, step-by-step partial mash recipe

2.5 lbs 6-row pale malt
1.1 lbs carapils
1.1 lbs flaked maize
1.5 lbs pilsen liquid extract - pre-boil
3.0 lbs pilsen liquid extract - after boil

0.5 ounce northern brewer - boil 60 mins
0.5 ounce northern brewer - boil 10 mins

1/2 tsp irish moss - boil 10 mins

Wyeast 1056 - no starter needed if straight from smack pack. if this is reused yeast, create a 1L starter

2 gallon pot for mini-mash
large mesh sack or small paint strainer bag for mini-mash
4 gallon+ brew pot
6.5 gallon fermentation bucket with lid and airlock


This true-to-style cream ale is delicious, low-cost, turns around quick, and uses your whole bottling bucket. The recipe is built around the partial mash method and is simple but rewards good technique.

I've primaried for different lengths of time but have noticed no advantage to exceeding two weeks. If fermentation is slow to take-off, you may consider adding a few days to the length in primary.

1. Mash (fits in a 2-gallon pot): Heat 5 1/2 quarts water to 171 deg, add grains in muslin bag, stir grains inside bag for two minutes. Temp should be @ 152. Cover and maintain temperature for one hour
2. Sparge: In your brewpot, heat 2.5 gallons water to 172, add bag of grains, stir for two minutes. Rest for ten minutes. Remove bag, hold over pot until run-off slows to a drip. Set grains aside.
3. Combine your worts: Pour the first wort (from the mash) into your brewpot, now both the sparge and first wort are together. To this, add 1.5 pounds liquid extract
4. Bring to a boil, add northern brewer hops. Wait 50 mins
5. After 50 mins, add northern brewer hops and irish moss, wait 10 mins.
6. Add 3 pounds liquid extract at flame-out
7. Cool wort as rapidly as possible (i like to use a sanitized 1/2 gallon block of ice)
8. Pour wort into sanitized fermentation vessel top off with clean water to achieve 6 gallons.
9. Pitch yeast when wort temperature is no higher than 70 (this is very important, don't cheat)
10. Ferment for two weeks (mid 60s if you can)
11. Bottle condition for two additional weeks

Dry hop with 1/3 ounce Williamette or other favorite hop

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