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Foreigner 08-01-2007 04:35 PM

AG - Headstrong Munich Lager Clone (Ale Yeast)
This was my first attempt at a clone. I decided to try mainly because the stupid LCBO isn't carrying this any more because it "isn't selling well." The guy who told me this recommend a schwarzbeer as an acceptable substitute. Yikes. Not that there is anything wrong with a schwarzbeer.

Headstrong Munich Lager is almost dark enough to be a dunkel (min colour on Qbrew is 14, mine is 13). It has a malty, almost fruity grain profile (not from the yeast, from the malt) with minimal hop bitterness and a very clean aftertaste. It has been one of my favourite Canadian Micros for quite awhile.

9# 2 row Pils malt
.75# American Munich
1/4# Chocolate
1/8# Medium Crystal 60

HOPS (pellet)
1.5oz 3.1% Hersbrucker 60 min boil
.25oz Hersbrucker 20 mins boil

I mashed a little low 149F-150F for one hour.
Fermented at 69-70F
Primed with 3/4 cup corn sugar.

Turned out almost perfect I think. It has the same malty character as the original, hops are spot on, I think. Colour is a match, head characteristics are exact: forms well, lasts a long time, leaves a nice lace. The nottingham is a rather neutral yeast and I think this is a part of the reason for this clones success. Had I used windsor I doubt it would have been this close.

I've been drinking it a little green, but it is spectacular now that it has been in the bottles awhile.

All in all I am very pleased with the results. The only bad thing is I should have made 10 gallons, and maybe mashed a few degrees higher (152?). Anyone who likes the flavour of munich malt should give this baby a shot, it really shines.

fredthecat 01-02-2010 01:49 AM

haha old bump, but i will definitely try this, ive relied on headstrong pale ale and munich lager for ages for very affordable quality beers, now i can maybe tweak it and make sure its even cheaper!!! :mug:

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