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blackwaterbrewer 08-20-2010 01:53 AM

neptune festival oktober
this beer is smooth, mellow, and malty. the low amount of boiling hops and the extensive late and dry hop additions give this a nicely rounded finish. the large amount of specialty grains keep it full bodied. the munich really comes through clean and bright while the subtle hop notes keep you swilling!

note: "garage" is my homegrown hops (they grow up the side of my garage)

this should be substituted with hallertaur or perle. any low alpha noble hop will do here. you can play with the amounts on the dry hop, depending on the alpha of the hop you use.

7# pilsner
1# caramunich
2# biscuit
Mash 153 for 60 min

oz n. brewer 8.5AA 60 min
oz n. brewer 8.5AA 45 min
1oz garage 30 min
1 oz garage 15 min
oz garage 5 min
1 oz garage dry hop for 3 days after fermentation is complete
Pitch german kolsch yeast
Ferment at 64 for 10 days then 50 for 5 days. Dry hop for last 3 days. it is very good after 4 days on the gas. within a 2-3 weeks, it is an amazing session beer and one i am very proud of. please brew and let me know your results.


jon dobbs

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