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HSB 12-04-2011 06:26 PM

H&S Fest - Oktoberfest/Märzen

Batch Size: 5.500 gal
Boil Size: 6.500 gal
Boil Time: 60.000 min
Efficiency: 75%
OG: 1.055
FG: 1.013
ABV: 5.4%%
Bitterness: 23.5 IBUs (Tinseth)
Color: 7 SRM (Morey)

Vienna Malt Grain 7.0 lb
Munich Malt - 10L 2.0 lb
Pilsner Malt: 2.0 lb
Melanoiden Malt: 2.0 oz

Magnum (13.7%): 0.550 oz; Boil 60.000 min

2 Packages of W34-70

Single Infusion @ 152 for 60 Minutes

I pitched at 45F and then set my chamber to 50F and let it ride until fermentation was complete (two weeks on the nose for me). Then she sat and awaited this year's backyard Oktoberfest. I was really happy with how the Magnum hops performed. Obviously, this beer is all about the malt, and the small amount of Magnum did nothing but provide some balance (as desired). I had a guest from Germany at this year's Fest, and she used this fantastic German word to describe this, which meant something along the lines of "A sip of this makes you want to take another sip". Unfortunately...I did that too much and do not remember what the word actually was. The picture doesn't really do this justice, the beer is crystal clear after the lagering.


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