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bronzdragon 10-07-2009 04:52 PM

Munich Malt, 3#
German Pilsner Malt, 3#
Vienna Malt, 2#
Torrified Wheat, 2#
Chocolate Malt, 4 ounces

Single stage mash at 150F for 1 hour.

Hallertauer pellet hops (4.5%) , 1.25 ounces for 1 hour boil

White Labs German Lager yeast, 1 vial brought up to about 350 ml of yeast cells for starter.

This is a pretty simple beer to brew, but I brew it several times a year because it's tasty. I allow fermentation to start at room temp and then put it into the fridge and gradually bring the temp down to 58 degrees and keep it there for the duration of the 1 week primary and 2 week secondary fermentations. Then I turn the fridge down to regular fridge temperature to lager for a month.

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