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osagedr 03-14-2012 12:37 AM

Carlvar Pilsner (2B Bohemian Pilsner)
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10# Weyermann Pilsner
1# Carapils

RO water; water adjustments with 1 gram calcium chloride, 0.5 gram epsom salts, 0.5 gram baking soda.

2 oz Saaz (4% AA) 90 mins (first wort)
1 oz Saaz (4% AA) 30 mins

infuse approx 1.6 q/#
protein rest 20 mins @ 130
maltose rest 40 mins @145 (decoction)
dextrinization rest 30 mins @ 159 (decoction)
mashout 15 mins @ 170 (decoction)

batch sparge
90 minute boil

Aerated 90 seconds with pure O2 through 0.5 micro diffusion stone.

This yeast moves slowly at cool temperatures. Not sure it would have gotten under the mid 1.020's if I didn't raise the temp for d-rest, but once I did it finished off strong.

I think this is a pretty solid Bohemian pils recipe. Used S-23 because I was pleased with it on my last Boh pils, but this time I went cool instead of warm (warm last time after reading this yeast is fruity at low temps). Next time I might make this recipe with W-34/70. The beer did not clear during lagering so I used gelatin after kegging and the beer dropped brilliantly clear.

**Gold Medal, 2012 Wert Contest (Lethbridge, Alberta)
**Gold Medal, 2012 National Capital Homebrewing Competition (Ottawa, Ontario)
**Bronze Medal, 2012 Vanbrewer Awards (Vancouver, British Columbia)
**Bronze Medal, 2012 Aurora Homebrewing Challenge (Edmonton, Alberta)

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