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Bokonon 10-12-2009 04:07 AM

CAP (HBT Comp Winner for 4a and 6a)
Grain bill:
18.5lbs Great Western 2-row
5lbs Flaked Corn

1oz Czech Saaz (3.6% AA) FWH
1.6oz Liberty (5.2% AA) @ 60 min
1.25oz Czech Saaz (3.6% AA) @ 30 min
.5oz Domestic Saaz (4.4% AA) @ 10 min
.5oz Domestic Saaz (4.4% AA) @ 5 min
1.1oz Domestic Saaz (4.4% AA) @ 0 min

Single infusion mash for 75 minutes @ 150 degrees

1 Whirlfloc tabled added at flameout

To make this into a dark lager 15 drops of sinamar extract were added to each bottle.

For some reason the flaked corn aroma/flavor did not come through so this did not do well as the CAP that it was designed to be.

reinstone 06-18-2013 02:20 AM

Nice, I've used the sinimar!

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