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prosper 07-21-2010 07:13 PM

18.5lbs Weyermann pils malt
5oz Weyermann Acid Malt (mainly for mash pH correction)

2.5oz 7% perle @ 60
1oz 3.1% Hallertauer @ 60
1.5oz 3.1% Hallertauer @ 10
1.5oz 3.1% Hallertauer @ KO

1 whirlfloc tab at 15
no water treatment

~1.75lb:qt mash thickness
Mashed in at 144F, raised to 149F (for 90 mins) with a boiling water addition.

I hit 87% efficiency with this recipe, 7 pts higher than expected. This was the first recipe I'd made with my (then) new roller mill instead of the good-ole Corona.

Taste is exactly where I'd hoped, however, the higher than desired OG means this beer is less crisply refreshing than I'd hoped from a nice summer beer.

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