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shaigl 12-04-2013 12:16 AM

time for an update
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for the 'dry' facts:
brew was fermenting for 21 days at 7-8C. no dyc rest (was out of the country and when i came back fermentation was already done).
no cold crushing before bottling.
no clarifiers.
bottled 12 days and 10 hours ago - been carbing for 7 days in the fridge (same as fermenting temp: 8C) and another 5 days and 10 hours in room temp (around 20C).

the beer is amazing!
starting with a nice, smooth, bright lager taste an gradually turning into a mild hoppy taste towards the end. foam on top is just beautiful, im just shocked at how good my first lager turned out and feeling like a proud father!
(sry im not good with describing tastes, never done that before).

i really wanna thank the original publisher of this thread for the recipe and all the other guys around the forum for sharing the info, im learning a lot!
i would like you guys to excuse my spelling as well, english is not my first language.

for the results:
i took a beer that was carbonating at room temp to see if its ready. shoved it in the freezer, surrounded by ice cubes, for about 40 min and cracked it open.
the photo is infront of you.


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