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grassafrass 04-14-2009 07:59 PM

LawnMower Lager
1/4lb Crystal 40L milled
1/4lb Carapils milled
5lb Extra Pale Liquid Malt Extract
1lb Corn Sugar
1oz Ahtanum Hop Pellets
1oz Saaz Hop Pellets
Yeast - White Labs San Francisco Lager 810 or White Labs Mexican Lager WLP940

Boil Water. Turn Off.
Steep grains for 15 minutes.
Return to boil. Turn Off.
Add the Liquid Malt Extract & Corn Sugar.
Still until completely dissolved.
Return to low boil. Set timer to 60 minutes.
Add 1oz Ahtanum hops.
Add 1/2oz Saaz hops for last 15 minutes.
Add 1/2oz Saaz hops for last 5 minutes.
Turn of heat. Cool wort to 80F.
Rack to fermenter. Pitch yeast @ 72-78F.
Leave at room temp. until you see bubbling in the airlock (12-36hrs)
Then slowly cool to @ 50-55F - Slowly meaning cooling @ 1-2 degrees/hr hour
After 10days since the wort started fermentation, raise the temp. to @ 60-70F for 2 days, to improve flavor.
Rack to secondary fermenter.
Slowly cool beer down (slowly - over 2 days) to 40F.
Let it sit 3-4 weeks at 40F.
Bottle or Keg.
After carbonating, let it age for 3 weeks before enjoying.

Created by Austin Homebrew

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