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thataintchicken 04-04-2012 12:52 AM

Tamales -- as requested by Revvy.
Here is my basic Pork Tamale Ingredients and Recipe.
This makes a dozen tamales.

For the Pork Tamale Filling:
1 pound of pork shoulder ( if you use a 5 pound boston butt, you'll have plenty of leftovers to freeze or use for tacos )
1 bottle of Mexican Coke -- or throwback pepsi -- use the kind with Cane Sugar.. seriously, it makes a difference.
1 small can of El Pato or a similar mexican tomato sauce.
1/4 cup of onions
Big pinch of Kosher Salt and fresh cracked black pepper.
1 tsp liquid smoke.
2-3 cascabel peppers. You can use serranos, jalapeno or whatever you wish.
Stock or water to cover the pork shoulder in your stockpot or dutch oven.

simmer for 2 hours, then let rest in the liquid until cool.
You can ice bath it in the sink to speed things up if you want.

For the Masa:
2 Cups of Masa Harina
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 cups warm water or stock
1/2 cup reserved simmering liquid or stock
4oz lard or shortening.

Using a hand blender or stand mixer, mix the lard,baking powder and masa. add the simmering liquid reserved from the pork. Continue mixing while slowly adding the remaining liquid. You want the masa to resemble a medium cake batter.
Let the masa rest for 30 minutes before assembling the tamales.

Assemble the tamales using soaked corn husks or Parchment paper.
Steam them for an hour to an hour and a half.
They are done when the tamales separate easily from the corn husks or parchment wrappers when opening.

Pretty easy and economical.

Revvy 04-04-2012 01:19 AM

Pics or it didn't happen. :)

(I know he's got pics, I saw them on FB when he was making them over the weekend.)

I'm going do this recipe this weekend. Can't decide if I'm gonna go with the cascabels, or switch it for Chipotles in Adobo.

Yooper 04-04-2012 01:22 AM

Oooooh, I can't wait to make these. Although, it might not be for a while because we don't have some of those ingredients in the Northwoods. Maybe when I get back Texas next winter, I can turn into one of those "tamales ladies". :D

bottlebomber 04-04-2012 05:27 AM

Making tamales is the one culinary frontier I want to get into but haven't. I even have a tamale cookbook. I think with a family of 5 I might at well make 5 dozen while I'm at it though.

spearko520 04-20-2012 03:52 AM

I will have to watch my wife closer the next time she makes hers- she's honduran and in central america they use banana leaves and cook the masa forever. she puts like 10 little things in there - like a piece of meat, raisins, capers, an olive, a piece of yuca, some rice...it's quite an assembly process, but very different from mexican style tamales. i love anything that comes in a natural wrapper!

claphamsa 04-20-2012 07:27 PM

how do you steam anything that size? I have a steamer, but its a stovetop one, for veggies and what not.

also, i dont do tomatoes... substitue suggestion?

bottlebomber 04-20-2012 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by claphamsa
how do you steam anything that size? I have a steamer, but its a stovetop one, for veggies and what not.

also, i dont do tomatoes... substitue suggestion?

You need this kind of thing

CreamyGoodness 04-20-2012 07:36 PM

These sound wonderful. My first and only try at tamales a few years ago was more or less a success... I gave myself a solid 6 or 7. The tops were a bit too dry, and I insisted on trying to make a few cactus ones that bombed.

Yoop, speaking of tamale ladies, we have a mom and her young daughter who sits in front of the supermarket with a cooler on a granny cart. She has a little sign advertising her tamales and roasted corn and rice-milk, and everything looks so good. Problems are that I never have cash when she is out there, and its most likely, shall we say, not up to code...

david_42 04-20-2012 07:38 PM

My wife would love these, but I don't like tamales myself and she doesn't cook. So, the pork butt goes in Chile Verde.

Revvy 04-20-2012 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by claphamsa (Post 4013690)
how do you steam anything that size? I have a steamer, but its a stovetop one, for veggies and what not.

also, i dont do tomatoes... substitue suggestion?

Here's my tamale session from a week later using his amazing recipe. I acutally steamed them in my stovetop brewing 5 gallon kettle.

My recipes a tad different but it still uses mexican coke and most everything else in his recipe, just added a few more things. Salt, Pepper, Liquid smoke, Cumin, Garlic, 1 Chipotle in adobo, 1 Cascabel chili, 1 Ancho Chili, Onions, Thyme, Anatto, Souzon Goya, Mexican tomato sauce, REAL Mexican Coke, and a little stock.











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