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Default Official Hot Sauce Making Thread

As we all know many of us home brewers are into making our own foodstuffs, cheese, jerky, raising chickens, gardening etc. Are there any of you out there that are into making your own hot sauce?

I got a real nice food processor/blender base for Christmas and I had about 1lb of cayenne peppers I had harvested and dried from my garden laying around so I decided to try making a hot sauce.

Took about ~1/4lb of peppers, destemmed and loosely crushed them into the bowl
Crushed and added an entire bulb of garlic
Threw in a tablespoon of kosher salt
Added about 2 cups of distilled white vinegar and let the processor rip!

Not too complicated for a first hot sauce attempt, and its pretty tasty. It could use some time to age, but I tried some with my eggs for breakfast and it had a great kick and garlic flavor that I like. A new obsession, here I come.

What about you guys? Recipes, hints, tips, experiences? Post em here


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half pound habanero (green) pepers (dried)
half pound habanero (red) pepers (dried)
Olive oil (to change consistancy to a sauce)
a little ground red peper
distilled viniger

This will likely you want to cry the first time but afte that youll find yourself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about the taste and find your mouth watering and not you eyes... after that you might never go back... thats if you like really hot... its good if you add about half a cup of bufflo sauce to it too


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My Father in law makes my insanely hot sauce. He runs habaneros through a juicer and puts the juice aside. He then takes the pulp from the juicer and dehydrates it. This dried pulp goes into a coffee grinder and is ground to dust. Then the dust goes back into the juice to make his "base sauce" which he then cuts lightly with vinegar or carrot juice and some salt. Nobody can be anywhere near the house the week he does sauce making but he can't smell much anymore...



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Gas-tight goggles.


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I recommend that you let all of the ingredients steep in the vinegar for a few weeks untill the flavors have really begun to meld together, then spin it in the blender...I've had some really tasty concoctions come out this way. Also, a bit of toasted cumin goes really nice in most hot sauces, as does a bit of the canned chipotles you find in the grocery store. They'll take the place of oil in emulsifying the sauce.


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I've done the hot sauce thing. best thing is to let it site in vinigar for months. add garlic, onion, puree the peppers cook it down & bottle


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A friend of mine grows jolokias specifically for making hot sauce. To my knowledge, the only ingredients are dried, pulverized, homegrown jolokias and white vinegar. Hottest damn sauce EVER. However, a small dab goes a long way, and it actually has a great fruit/sweet flavor when applied correctly (VERY lightly).

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I got to get me some o dat der stuff!


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I LOVE pepper products. I'm an official hot sauce reviewer and have been for about 4 years now and I can say, being a vetern of over 2,000 sauces sampled, there are so many different styles and combos out there that it's almost limitless as to what you can create.

As a pepper grower (biggest crop was 213 plants out of 27 different varieties) I found it best to dehydrate the peppers for later use or freeze them whole for use in sauces (currently have about 10 pounds worth in the basement fridge). Here's a rough estimate of a green sauce I just did:

Blend finely:
1 bottle's worth of plain vinegar
3 cloves of garlic
3 tomatillos
3 ripe cherry tomatoes
a splash of homebrewed APA
a splash of good tequila
10 unripened Fataliis
15 unripened Asain Birdseyes
10 unripened Serranos
5 unripened Bhut Jolokias
1 Ripened Bhut Jolokia
5 unripened Scotch Bonnets
1 ripened Scotch Bonnet

Boil until pH is 4 (for shelf stability), then throw in 3 strands of Kashmir Saffron and a light sprinkling of Jurrasic Sea Salt and boil for another 5 minutes. Cool and bottle. Let sit for 3 weeks for flavors to meld together, consume.


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Question: can these sauces marinate in a jar/container in a warm environment or should they be refrigerated?

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