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Sean 12-19-2008 10:17 PM

Little gift suggestions for a chef
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Simple gifts for chefs, both professional, and home:

Nothing new or earthshaking, just stuff that works really well.

Clockwise from the top left, Microplane, Most people probably have one already, but they wear out. Super sharp, great for grating anything from cheese, jalapeno, or nutmeg.

Cherry pitter. Also great for olives. I love olives, and when I make olive bread, or tapenade, or a relish, this is great.

Little bitty melon baler thingy. Makes cool garnishes. Fun

Julienne peeler. I suggest the stainless one. It cuts long thin slices of vegetables matchstick style.

Heavy duty shears, with a notch where toward the base. The best to get come apart into two pieces for easy washing.

Can opener. Everyone has an electric can opener. In my opinion they kinda suck. This may be the coolest kitchen gadget invented in the past 10 years. It cuts the side of the seal on the can, so there is no sharp edge. I open big no. ten cans with this all the time, and just run it through the dish machine.

Fresh pepper mill. This is so cool, it is stainless, and very well made. It is not adjustable, it just puts out medium to small grind, It is so easy, one handed, and small. I have two, one with fennel seeds in it.

Last, Smoked paprika. Very subtle, smoky nice light paprika flavor. For soups, rubs, smoky blacken spice. I love it.

Merry Christmas.

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