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HerbieHowells 08-28-2012 08:59 PM

Belgian Beer and Cheese Pairing Ideas
It is church auction time. Many of the members of my church put together dinner parties or other similar events, and offer a number of seats to the event at the silent auction. This year, I want to guide a beer and cheese pairing.

I am thinking that we want four beers, and four cheeses. For simplicity sake, I want to do all one region. Given the diversity of Belgian beers and the link between the Church and beer in Belgium, I thought that it would be cool to do four Belgian beers.

My initial thought is to do a Wit, a Saison, an Abby style ale, and a sour ale.

I am giving myself a few months to do some research. I will probably host the actual event in February.

I am coming here for some input and ideas.

1. Does this sound like a good selection of beer styles?
2. Any particular beers that I should look for at a reasonably well stocked bottle store?
3. Most important, do you have any specific ideas for cheese pairings?

I will be sure to check in with any fantastic pairings I stumble upon until then. Please share any opinions you have about this event.

libeerty 09-05-2012 09:36 PM

I would do a dubbel, a tripel, a saison, and a kriek. But that's just me!

On the other hand, it might be cool to do a Trappist ale, and an Abbey ale, then explain the legal distinction, and see if anyone can taste the difference.

Not sure about cheeses. When I did some tours over there, the emphasis was always on the beer (and very cold shots of very bad vodka.) They served cheddar once though.

For a saison, I think Saison Dupont is the way to go. Reasonably priced here, available, and delicious to boot.

For a Trappist, I'm partial to Rochefort 8. :)

Great idea! I'd bid on it!

dustinjkline 09-06-2012 11:00 PM


HerbieHowells 09-09-2012 06:50 PM

Thanks for the cheese link. There is a local cheese shop that does beer and cheese pairings with a local brewery, so maybe they will have some more suggestions. Particularly interested in the aged gouda- in my initial tasting research, my brother happened to have some gouda in his refrigerator that we threw in with some of the high-end cheeses that I picked out, and it provided some interesting pairs.

I think Saison Dupont is a must. I may consider a dubble and a tripel. Trying to capture Belgium in four beers is tough, and my original thought was that doing both would mean that I would be excluding a classic Belgian genre. I think the solution to this problem can only be solved by some more drinking and eating.

Think of me if you come up with any other interesting ideas.

Jacob_Marley 09-11-2012 02:14 AM

Limburger is actually a Belgian cheese and is named after where it originated ... in the Belgian province of Limburg. It's one of my favorite soft cheeses.
I would pair it with Malheur 12 (brewed by De Landtsheer). 12% ABV ... very dark, malty, caramel, spice notes and floral hops. I think this would be a great combination.

Possibly interesting too with Limburger but in a different way would be a Val-Dieu Grand Cru ... 10.5% ABV, so dark red you can't really see thru it. Roasted malt and chocolate ... a bit sour and sweet. I think Whole Foods actually carries it.

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