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weirdboy 11-29-2012 06:32 PM

Anyone else make sourdough? How about *beer* yeast starters?
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I have nurtured several sourdough starters over the years, and on occasion, I have tossed in a mason jar of saved brewing yeast instead of bread yeast. e.g. pitching a Belgian yeast into a "dessert" bread like scones or pancakes to get subtle esters and phenols that compliment it. I decided that I should try maintaining a beer yeast culture in a bread starter to see how the flavors change, and then maybe I'll eventually take my bread culture and adapt it back to beer.

Currently I have one "normal" sourdough starter going, along with another one I made starting with a bit of my mild that used Nottingham. It has a very distinctive sweet, fruity aroma.

Anyway, they are both a few weeks old at this point, and I'm getting some tasty bread from them now.

Today's bread, at my wife's request, is pain-de-epi. Actually she requested bacon epi pain, but we don't have any bacon.

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bottlebomber 12-29-2012 12:57 AM

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Originally Posted by grathan

I wonder if the smoke alarm will go off @ 515*F. I know 450 really gets the spilled goods smoking. A dutch oven would take up some serious cabinet space too. I wonder if pizza crust would be good at 515..
Sounds like you need to get out the oven cleaner bud pizza is great in a real hot oven, but what has been working great for me lately has been putting the rack one down from the top, and baking them under the broiler on a stone. I've been turning out some real good pies this way. This is about 6-8 minutes under the broiler.

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