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ILOVEBEER 04-08-2010 03:22 AM

Winter is over but.....
I recently starting using a chest freezer to ferment my 2 sanke kegs with thermowells that hold 2 10 gallon batches.....anyway.....Once winter comes back I will need a heat source controlled by a thermostat of some type (have one in mind). Does anyone use a small space heater inside a chest freezer? IF so what type and where did you get it?

I already have a bulb type thermostat to control the cooling function. I plan to utilize both simultaneously to asceratin the perfect fermentation temps.


rcm_rx7 04-08-2010 11:08 AM

I bought a $10 space heater at Home Depot a few weeks back and use it inside of a fermentation chamber. There is no reason you couldn't use it inside of a chest freezer. It's a 1500W model but has a high and low setting. I have always used the low setting on it only because my controller is rated right around 1500W and I don't want to damage it. You can see a bit more of it in my thread in my signature.

You might look into purchasing the ebay temp controller I used as well.

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