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diannotti 09-21-2011 11:15 PM

Rookie questions on kegerators / fermentation chambers
Hoping for some wisdom as I try and figure out what I want to do with my brewing. I have a nice fermentation chamber I built but realistically I am not getting below 60 degrees in it. So as I look to the future I know some things for certain:

1) I want to keg - I would like 3 taps ideally
2) I want to be able to brew black lagers

So I have spent hours looking at the radical keezer designs ( very cool), the converted fridges, the pre made kegerators etc.

Keezers -
Pros: economical and scale-able / flexible as I could initially just get a chest freezer and use a picnic tap. Later build a collar etc
Cons: These really aren't designed to be above freezing - rust? other issues, the work involved in modding. Longevity? Initially would have to live in garage.

Can I use a keezer as a kegerator and as a fermenter / lagering?

Pre Made kegerators:
Pros: pre made and for a specific use
Cons: cost

Question: I f I buy for example a one tap danby on craigslist can I just change out the tower to a two tap / three tap? In general how modifiable are kegerators?

Is it best to have a separate kegerator for dispensing and a seperate maybe mini fridge to ferment in?

Sorry for so many questions really trying to analyze options and certainly appreciate any feedback.


DUNDASJ 09-21-2011 11:25 PM

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Keezer temps can be controlled by a temperature controller. I bought mine off morebeer.com its one that can operate the freezer to cool and can operate a heating element within the freezer to heat. My freezer is used as a fermentation chamber though not a kegerator. My kegerator Is an old school fridgerator with two taps. I found both these off of the android craigslist app. It alerts you whenever something youre looking for is posted. I bought my 20 cubic foot freezer for 70 and kegerator for 150 both weren't pretty but after a sanding, painting and steel wool to the rust both came out great.

diannotti 09-22-2011 02:51 AM

Does anyone else do things differently that's willing to share some advice? Anyone ferment in the same "device" as they kegerate from?

Can anyone offer advice on how modifiable pre-made kegerators are? As in if I buy a used kegerator tap model can I replace the tower usually with two tap tower?

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