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akthor 08-20-2010 10:57 PM

Rolling Kegerator Insulating Questions
So I am making a rolling kegerator out of a trash can. Inspired by BierMunchers Rolling Kegerator.

I found a great rolling trash can at Wally World it's this one but at Wal-Mart it was $18 http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-Plasti...2344314&sr=1-5

Its very tall and square, the wheels aren't big so that hump in the back is a lot smaller than all the other cans I looked at.

I can put a flat piece of plywood in the bottom to make a flat floor with no hump and still have 29" height of space. So I am gonna put a floor in it and then fill the cavity under it with spray in expanding foam.

I was thinking that for insulating the sides and the top I could use 3M spray adhesive and use it to mold this stuff to the walls: http://www.homedepot.com/Building-Ma...3#BVRRWidgetID

It's like bubble wrap with a mylar coating, it seems pretty tuff. I could do a couple layers of it. I am not hoping to keep ice alive for 3 days but maybe keep 3 kegs cold for a day.

Good idea? bad? Big question is if this stuff will adhere to the walls?

bad coffee 08-21-2010 02:08 AM

If you're going to fill it with ice, I'd go to the outside.

I used that same insulation on my kettle, and it's fine with a bit of tape.


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