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jcc4507fly 12-27-2012 10:41 PM

Rewiring a top bottom fridge to use as a fermenter chamber
Does anyone have experience or know how of how to wire up a fridge and bypass the circuit board? My GE circuit board recently fried and the fridge is junk without. I was considering using a STS 1000 dual controller to rewire the fridge, just not sure if I would need more to this circuit? Any help would be appreciated.

rockytoptim 12-27-2012 10:44 PM

Do a search on the model number and see if you can find schematic. Sometimes they are on the back side of the fridge. If you have that it would be a big help in trying to figure out what needs to be rewired.

jcc4507fly 12-27-2012 11:02 PM

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I have the schematic. It is pretty vague though. I know I'll need power to the compressor, condensor fan, evaporator fan, and to the defroster, and interior light if I so desire.

jcc4507fly 12-27-2012 11:07 PM

This is a GE STS22ICMBRWW, if that helps.

beaksnbeer 12-27-2012 11:23 PM

No brown and orange are the 110-120 supply voltage. the fans will need a step down transformer. I would just get a universal fans rated at 110 and replace both

jcc4507fly 12-28-2012 12:17 AM

Ok so if I replace both fans with universal 110V fans and tie them into the 110V supply, then bypass the circuit board for lights, and compressor. Then plug into a digital controller to regulate temps?

beaksnbeer 12-28-2012 12:42 AM

Tie the light to the incoming power as the switch at the door will turn it on/off. I would run the cord to the controller and let it run fans/compressor

jcc4507fly 12-28-2012 12:54 AM

You think it will be necessary for any relays or does the compressor need a warm up or cool down cycle?

jcc4507fly 12-28-2012 04:05 PM

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Here is another schematic that is more detailed.

Attachment 90733

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