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petrostar 05-04-2012 12:03 AM

Powder Coating Stand Questions...
I recently dropped off some parts for my company to a powder coating guy. He is "genuine Russian" lol, he's cool. So, I was bull****ting with him for a bit and decided to see how much he would charge me to coat my single tier brutus. He said $50 dollars!!! I said, what about colors? His reply, was oh, that will cost a bit more so I asked how much...He said just a few dollars! HAHA, So I am super excited and he has about 75 colors in stock. I am thinking a Metallic Blue color or Red. If you live in the Seattle/Tacoma Area give me a PM and I'll let you know where he's located. I said I would start sending him some business. The red and blue I am talking about aren't just flat colors, its like they have some sort of 'reflectance' in them. They're beautiful colors.

Here is my question for those of you who have powder coated your stands. Has the coating near your burners cooked off? Should I install heat shields to protect the stand? What precautionary measures have you taken to protect the color and did it work? Thanks for help!

JoshuaWhite5522 05-04-2012 08:49 AM

pm sent

sjwelna 05-04-2012 02:54 PM

Powder coat will burn off if you get it too hot. (i.e. hitting it with a burner flame and the nearby areas). If you want to keep it coated you might consider a ceramic coat from Techline for exhaust components. Just google "black satin ceramic coating". It can handle heat up to 2000*, don't know about direct flame though.


OneHoppyGuy 05-04-2012 06:38 PM

Back from Powder Coater this morning

Black High Heat Ceramic Upper / Powder Coat Lower


$75 is less than half the cost here in CA

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