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CoalCracker 09-19-2012 01:22 PM

Pneumatic Linear Actuators
I currently have 1bbl going. Looking to use an actuator to dump my mash. Any one know a good / budget compressor? I'll need an actuator that can lift about 250lbs. Looking at a .5 - 1 gallon tank as well. Found one here. http://www.surpluscenter.com/item.as...86&catname=air

lincoln 09-19-2012 04:42 PM

hate to bust your bubble (so to speak) but " ..other low pressure applications.." this will mean that you will need a huge diameter air cylinder. take a look at : http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-air-cylinders/=jd0qla,

a 2 " cylinder can get you over 250 lbs but thats at 100 psi. Do you keg at all? you could use co2 and a pressure regulator.

what is the mechanism to dump the tun? is it possible to use a gas spring to help with the load?

porcupine73 09-19-2012 04:55 PM

Right that pump only puts out 23psig it looks like? Normally compressed air cylinders/actuators run somewhere between 80-120psig.

I would say you need a good hand valve to throttle flow to the actuator. If it's connected to an air supply that is suddenly turned on, actuators tend to be very jerky and make sudden movements. Maybe something like a winch would be better in this application?

To use a compressed gas cylinder to operate an actuator requires a very very important safety tip. There must be a pressure relief installed in the line going to the actuator, it must be rated at less than the actuator maximum working pressure, AND it must be sized (cv) to handle the maximum flow through the line. Otherwise it cannot be done safely. Actuators and valves can and have literally exploded killing people when they were overpressurized from a cylinder. I.e. the maximum pressure on the actuator being maybe 200psig connected to a cylinder with 2600psig pressure can make baaddd things happen.

CoalCracker 09-19-2012 05:08 PM

Might have to forgo this idea. Didn't realize there was so much to it..

I have a stand that looks similar to the MoreBeer stand. However my design has a pivot point 2 inches in from the edge. so it will tip like this \__

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