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britebeer 12-13-2012 06:01 PM

Orifice size with Bayou Classic SQ 14
So I just purchased a new Bayou Classic SQ 14 and used it for the 1st time last weekend. The 55000 btu burner seemed quite a bit slower at heating my 150ish wort to a boil than my older eastman outdoors 68000 btu burner both on a 10 psi propane regulator. I do realize that there is a 13000 btu difference but still it seems like it should be faster.

I would like to drill out the orifice in order to increase the BTUs. It seems as though with the air shutter all the way open and the regulator open a little past half way it blows out the flame. Am I wrong to believe that this is coming from the burner running too lean at this point and that if I increase the orifice size it will not only slow down the air intake but also increase the fuel output and therefore allow me to run the regulator open wider with the air shutter all the way open?

So my next question would be.. what is a good starting point with the SQ14 at 10 psi propane to try and widen the orifice?

And.. is there a way to replace the orifice on the stock 10psi regulator stainless hose that comes with the SQ14 if I screw it up?

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