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wilmh 09-28-2011 09:16 PM

Old kegerator = fermentation chamber? Or not...
I'll try to keep this brief.....

Should I keep my old kegerator to use as a fermentation chamber, or sell it and use the cash to finish my keezer (and possibly have money towards a brew kettle or other brewing supplies) and then find a full size refrigerator later down the line?

I recently jumped into homebrewing with both feet after a buddy (an avid homebrewer) got me addicted to his homebrews. He helped me do my first extract back in June and since then I have a few more under my belt.

When I bought my house, the previous owner had built in a small kegerator (dorm size fridge with a single faucet tower) into the outdated wetbar in the basement. I upgraded the fridge with new lines, fittings, SS elbow shank, and a Perlick 525 in preparation of my first brew. I have never bottled and do not plan on bottling at this time.

Just as I had finished the rebuild I started thinking about a dual faucet setup or a 4 faucet keezer (as my buddy had just completed).....and then I found a 20 cuft chest freezer on Craigslist for $40 so I jumped on it.

Funds for this hobby are limited, and I'm looking for a budget build but I've already cleaned the freezer, completed and installed the painted collar, stripped, cleaned, reinstalled the very moldy gasket, remounted the hinges and lid, repainted the exterior of the freezer, added a Johnson temp controller, and will have the dolly completed by this weekend. I'm currently using the keezer as a refrigerator in the garage for bottled beer/water/coke along with a lagering Oktoberfest, and aging a just kegged Fat Tire clone. The Oktoberfest and Apfelwein should be kegged this weekend after I pickup two more pin-lock kegs.

In order to use the Keezer as intended, I need to run my CO2 lines/distribution and pickup a new shank for the Perlick.....then get the other faucets. I guess I could run picnic taps for the other kegs now....but I really just want to do it correctly the first time.

While I do want a fermentation chamber, my old kegerator will only allow for one carboy/bucket at a time....plus I'll have to seal up the top of the fridge and get a temp controller before I can really use it.

If I sell it as is along with the old faucet setup, I could finish the keezer now and then pickup a full size fridge in the near future for the fermentation chamber.

.....so much for being brief. :tank:

DeNomad 09-28-2011 09:23 PM

I sometimes use my dorm fridge as a kegerator. Just ferment in your kegs rather in a carboy and you should be able to get two in. Just hook up a blow off tube to the "gas in" port and put a bottle with some star san on the compressor hump.

I say go for the keezer and keep the kegerator as a fermentation chamber, I am finding two taps is not enough.

KingKlong 05-14-2012 02:48 PM

bump. OP, how did you strip and clean the moldy gasket? Did you get it 100% free of mold. I am currently having trouble with a few stubborn spots on mine.

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