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WeimBrew 01-12-2013 01:48 PM

Old Dresser Fermentation Chamber
Hi all. I have an old 6 drawer dresser that is in pretty rough shape. Basically all the tracks are broken and the drawers have no support. I was thinking of taking all the drawers out and cutting out all the wood spacing. I would then buy either some cabinet doors that match the current stain and install those or make some doors with scrap wood lying around and paint the whole thing. Second option would be to keep just the facing of the drawers and glue and tack them to the front to still keep the appearance of a dresser but then remove the top and use spring loaded hinges to access from the top.

I would use a reptile lamp for a heat source. My basement stays pretty cool so I was thinking of using an electronics fan to to cool it. The inside would line with rigid insulation. I have a Johnson Controls analog temperature control that I would control the heat source. Not sure if I would need to build a control box to run both or if I could just have the fan run constantly.

If anyone has any advise or has built something like this I'm open to ideas. Thanks.

reynolds5520 01-12-2013 02:00 PM

I have set lavatory sinks in a few old dressers as antique period looking vanities, some are easier to modify than others. What you are thinking of can probably be done and could make a very nice furniture style chamber. How to go about it will depend on the way the inside is constructed. Pictures would help.

You don't want to cut so much that it isn't structurally sound. What you can safely cut will depend on the way it was put together.

oldstyle69 05-13-2013 11:21 AM

i just took apart my old dresser with the same thing in mind. bit late to jump on this thread, but was searching to see if anyone had pics from a dresser build. did you ever go thru with this project?

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