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Joeywhat 12-28-2009 05:04 AM

Off The Shelf Heated Ferm Chamber Parts
Looking for input and suggestions for off the shelf parts to build a heated fermentation chamber. I'm going to store this in my garage where it's cold, and heat it to the desired temperature. I'll only be lagering in this so probably won't be going higher then 50*-ish.

Anyways, I obviously need something to control the temperature. I already have a heating pad, and can probably grab a heat lamp for real cheap if needed. But how to control it? I've read the info on converting a furnace thermostat...I'd like to see what else is out that that doesn't require me to do any work...yeah I'm lazy. I've found a few things in pet stores but they look cheap as hell and only take the air temp, not the beer temp.

Anything out there that is digital, readily accepts a standard 120v device like a lamp and can be somehow affixed to a carboy to accurately read the temp?

ETA - is there a sort of dummies guide to electrical work if I end up creating something from scratch? I'm actually quite good with electronics...save for the 'theory' side of it. Hands on stuff I can do a good job.

FlyGuy 12-28-2009 06:19 AM

Admittedly I haven't tried mine yet, but here is a cheap inline thermostat (120 V) that you could wire inside a fridge to a light bulb for a heat source. The temperature range is 50 - 90 F, which is perfect for primary fermentation. To lager, you will have to run the fridge (assuming your garage does not get below freezing).

If that temp range doesn't work for you, for years I used a Ranco single-stage temperature controller with a light bulb. If you don't mind spending around $60 for one, they are probably a better solution for you. (Here is one also from McMaster-Carr, but you can find them cheaper elsewhere.)

bendavanza 12-28-2009 12:14 PM

I've been considering a heating pad connected to a thermostat for the hot side in my fermenting box.

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