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Mustangfreak 06-08-2008 05:27 PM

My keezer project
I just picked up this bad boy from lowes. 6.8 cu ft! :mug:


Sea 06-08-2008 05:37 PM

Sweet! Are you giong to put a collar on it?

Mustangfreak 06-08-2008 10:17 PM

Maybe, I'm not sure right now.

A4J 06-09-2008 04:51 AM

i was looking at that the other day. Is that the Holiday brand?

DubbelDach 06-09-2008 03:41 PM

Nice! What was the price?

Looks like room for 3 cornies and an elevated CO2 tank? (I don't know the dimensions...)

Mustangfreak 06-09-2008 04:12 PM

Yes its the Holiday brand, and I'm hoping for 4 cornys with out using the hump and a collar.

Mustangfreak 06-09-2008 07:08 PM

I just picked up a temp controller for it!

I went to a local scrap metal yard to look for some kegs, but they didn't have any today.

david_42 06-09-2008 08:26 PM

I've got the 5.0 Holiday and put a collar on it. I can put three kegs in it, but most of the time, it's just the soda water and I run beer lines in from the conditioning cabinet. Summer-time, I like to have a cold session ale on tap, so I'll have two kegs in it.

Mustangfreak 06-21-2008 12:47 AM

I present to you, my Beer Chest!

It may not look like it, but all 4 kegs do fit in nicely, I already did a test fit to see. Also pictured is 1 Shiner Bohemian Black Lager, 1 Pyramid Hefewiezen, 1 Sam Adams White Ale, and a 12 pack of Newcastle ( :bang: ) and the Mr Beer bottles have my October fest, and the other bottles, have my Guinness Extra Stout clone, which is very ****ing good. :drool:

Tonight I'll be putting my American Wheat in the keg, force carbonate it, and tomorrow I'm sure I'll become impatient and pull a pint in the evening. I'll post pics when I do!

Rick_R 06-21-2008 01:38 AM


It may not look like it, but all 4 kegs do fit in nicely,
You're right, it doesn't look like it. When I looked at the picture I thought, okay, two kegs -- maybe three -- and the CO2 and that will be it. It looked like two front & back would be a tight squeeze if it worked at all. Glad they all fit.


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