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toycruiser23 05-23-2010 09:34 PM

My Home Bar Thread
Hey All! Well for my first post on here I'm going start a thread on a project I've been working on for over 4 years now. Earlier this year I made some great progress and it's almost done. So a quick summary of what my dad and I have been working on.
I moved into my house in Chandler back in July of 2005. One of the reasons I liked this house was because of a fairly large backyard and a 12'x24' "Tuff Shed" there as well. This shed had power, in wall AC unit, fan, roll up door and a 4 station work out machine in it, all that the last owners left. Well instead of using it as a workout room, I decided to make it bigger, bring more power over and turn it into a man cave/tavern.
I got my dad to help since he is quite handy. We added on 6' to make it 18'x24', raised the roof, made it vaulted with open beams and put pine t&g for the ceiling. My grandfather is a retired electrician so he helped me wire up the place. We brought over more power, 2AWG 220V, and I put in a 15,000BTU in wall heat pump, like something you would see in a hotel room. I put in wood flooring from Costco, bought a sweet pool table, built a stereo rack, 32" LCD TV, wainscoting, beer bottle shelf that crowns the room and for the finale, built a L shaped bar that measures 11'x8' roughly including a backbar. Bar is complete with a sink/hot water, 15cu keezer, 4 taps, CO2/beer gas tanks, etched mirror, mini fridge and mini freezer.
So I've only been brewing for 2 years now and when I started this project, I had no idea I would become a homebrewer. It makes sense for me to be a homebrewer, since I am a DIYer, plus I have space to entertain and serve my beer.
I'll post some pictures of the progress from when I moved into my house to what it is today. I'm still looking for some pictures, so you'll see some jumps in progress. Enjoy! :mug:

toycruiser23 05-23-2010 09:39 PM

Shed/backyard when I first moved in.

2x12 ridgebeam and 2x8 rafters. 4x6 beams holding the walls together

toycruiser23 05-23-2010 09:41 PM


On to the inside...

toycruiser23 05-23-2010 09:46 PM



First beer drank inside. This was during a St. Patrick's Day party in 2006. (I think)

android 05-23-2010 09:51 PM

looks great, i'm also looking forward to more progress shots.

toycruiser23 05-23-2010 09:51 PM

So I had ordered the pool table and it was due to come, but I didn't have the flooring in yet! I put down the flooring for the entire room in 6 hours on the day before the pool table was due to arrive!

Measuring where the pool table was going to be placed...

And it's in!

When we put the beams in, we didn't just simply divide them up into the room. I strategically placed one so it would be directly centered over the pool table and allow me to hang the pool table light fixtures from it.

toycruiser23 05-23-2010 09:56 PM

A couple of side notes...
The walls are green because this is an Irish/Guinness themed pub. I plan to cover the walls with Guinness and beer posters, so you'll only see the green in between.
Notice the wood stain and the felt color on the pool table? Any idea why I went with this combo? Any guesses?
I took a piece of the wood stain of the pool table to homedepot to have the color match it. I bought the Behr Stain paint and that's what is painted on the ceiling, beams and eventually the wainscoting.

My dad and I are proud!

Starting on the back bar...

LazyPBar 05-23-2010 10:00 PM

looks pretty awesome! i am thinking 'black and tan' color combo perhaps? way to go on the pub, you will definitely be the envy of the forum for a while! cheers!

toycruiser23 05-23-2010 10:01 PM

Now flashforward to earlier this year. Here is where I am missing some pics. The backbar got done, the stereo cabinet done, and the beer bottle shelf that crowns the room is done. First pic is the start of the L part of the bar, where the keezer is going.

toycruiser23 05-23-2010 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by LazyPBar (Post 2075447)
looks pretty awesome! i am thinking 'black and tan' color combo perhaps? way to go on the pub, you will definitely be the envy of the forum for a while! cheers!

Thank you and oh so close!!!! Think of right after a Guinness pour... with the big head. I can put a glass on the edge of the table and it looks like a glass of Guinness! :mug:

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