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ron,ar 02-06-2012 02:56 AM

mlt and brew pot questions
Ok, I am building aMLT out of a rectangular cooler and also a brewpot out of a used keg. I read all the posts on these DIY projects...go to Lowes and Homer's Depot. No luck finding any sort of fittings to build either bulkhead fitting with. No stainless nipples of any size.
For my MLT bulkhead I am going to use the setup described By Bobby M. in his post "No Leak Bulkhead Design"...
For the stainless keg brewpot, I have issues, mainly should I try the no weld fittings advertised on this site by several vendors....or just bite the bullet and take the thing to a welding shop and have them weld a couple of stainless 1/2 nipples in the side, one for the drain valve and one for a thermometer? Also, I had planned to cut the top off that keg myself. Anybody have any input into how to do this or should I just let the welding shop do that also.
Has anyone found stainless fittings or nipples/couplings at Lowes or HD?

l3asturd 02-06-2012 03:30 AM

You might want to read up on the Soldering Stainless Steel thread. I've never soldered copper or SS for that matter, and I think mine turned out great. I read through 90% of the thread and picked up tips and tricks (the dimple tool made soldering so much easier) along the way.

Here's a pic of my 3rd attempt at soldering SS. It's a 1/2" full coupler for my drain valve on a keg:

Of course soldering isn't as strong as welding, and if you don't have ANY of the tools required to solder, such as a respirator, acid brush, silver or lead free plumbers solder, stainless flux, and so on, having a guy you know weld a couple fittings might be a cheaper option. The cheapest option would be buying your weldless fittings (at bargainfittings.com I might add).

I originally went the weldless route for my boil kettle. It was great, but when I decided to go all grain I was planning on taking my 2 new kegs to a welder with a friend who also needed a few kegs welded. Then I stumbled on the Soldering Stainless thread. The great thing is that all the holes I drilled for weldless seamlessly worked for the dimple tool soldering application.

ron,ar 02-06-2012 04:23 AM

Thanks, I read most of the soldering thread and may try it. I guess if I cut the hole to fit the nipple and am not happy with my soldering I can always take it to the welding shop.
Since I can't find SS fittings around here I will have to order them from Bobby or some vendor on this site.

frankstoneline 02-06-2012 08:10 AM

All the fittings on my rig are weldless, only have good things to say. If you know someone who will weld em for beer that might be a bit cheaper though.

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