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skibumdc 11-10-2010 01:11 PM

Keezer coffin questions
Hey guys.
Looking to change from my single kegerator Summit to a keezer and love the look of the keezers some of y'all have made.
A few questions.

1) How are some of you attaching the coffin to the lid of the keezer?
2) How are you cutting the hole in the keezer lid, jigsaw? Circular saw?
3) Are you removing the old insulation in the freezer lid and replacing with foam?

Thanks so much.

Bowtiebrewery 11-10-2010 02:22 PM

When I built mine when I had a coffin top... I first cut a hole that matched the exact cut out of the coffin then screwed and glued in the sides for it. I attached with both countersink-ed screws and bolts with nuts to ensure that the wood would not break free from the metal top of the freezer.

When I cut my holes i used a hole saw but i also have used a dremel with a metal cutting wheel to cut out a square hole which I then taped the sides with duct tape to prevent any cutting of my lines from sharp edges.

I did not remve any of the insulation in my freezer lid... I kept it where it was and have no problems.

Good Luck.


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