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kornbread 09-24-2010 11:55 AM

I found this on the side of the road. Now what?
I was driving along yesterday on the way to meet up with some guys from my homebrew club to pick up my grain from group buy. I looked off to the left and I saw a pile of junk beside the road and I noticed the pile contained a pony keg.


I turned around a went back and picked it up. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it but, it seemed too cool to just leave sitting there.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

smakudwn 09-24-2010 12:05 PM

I got 2 i ferment 5 gal batches in.

theschick 09-24-2010 12:07 PM

I think those hold 7.75 gallons. You could always turn it into a small keggle, and could probably boil 5 gallon batches in there if you watch for boilovers.

EuBrew 09-24-2010 12:42 PM

+1 to fermenting 5 gal batches. I use one but I think I'm moving back to my carboys. I miss seeing what's going on.

IrregularPulse 09-24-2010 12:44 PM

Definitely go back and pick it up. You'll find something to use it for!

wyzazz 09-24-2010 03:48 PM


steinsato 09-24-2010 04:08 PM

YOu can send it to me!

JVD_X 09-24-2010 04:09 PM

Looks like it fell of a back of a truck!

Rhoobarb 09-24-2010 04:25 PM

I know someone who uses one as his HLT.

fishnfever 09-24-2010 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by Rhoobarb (Post 2297277)
I know someone who uses one as his HLT.

Thats what came across my mind!! I would convert it to HLT for sure. Then again I only do 5 gallons at a time.

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