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kgs 01-12-2013 02:24 PM

Height, Depth of Danby DAR440 Compressor?
I'm considering using this fridge for a fermentation chamber (managed with a Johnson controller). I ferment small batches primarily in 5-gallon food-safe buckets like these: http://beprepared.com/product.asp_Q_...ucket+with+Lid which I have drilled for airlocks. The buckets are approximately 12" in diameter and 15" high.

My question is the height/depth of the compressor in this fridge and the height from the compressor to the interior ceiling of the fridge. I haven't found one of these fridges in a store in the area to try out, and I'd prefer not to hassle with returns once I order it. I wrote the manufacturer and they sent me a spec sheet, which was nice of them but it didn't answer that question. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this question.

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