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SteveM 01-28-2007 11:17 PM

Heavy Duty Dolly
One of the simplest and handiest utility items for brewing.

I got a couple of 2x3s plus four fairly heavy duty castors, cut seven 14" long pieces (pick your length based on your gear), smoothed and rounded everything off and screwed the pieces together, five across, about 1/4" between each piece, laid across the other two. Two deck screws per joint. Then I attached the castors.

It cost me about ten bucks (most of which was for the wheels - you could go cheaper but I wanted tough ones) and took me maybe 20 minutes total. I have a nice heavy duty dolly that is just the right size for a five or six gallon fermenter. Plus it has plenty of other uses around the house. No more lugging a full glass carboy around and worrying about dropping it.

homebrewer_99 01-29-2007 12:25 AM

I use a dolly from Menards $15. I modified it by placing boards across and filling in the gap then I re-carpeted it.

You can get a large plant mover at Wally World for $5 sometimes that'll work also. Funny thing is the same item is on sale at my LHBS for $19.95.

homebrewer_99 02-05-2007 04:16 PM


I was at Wally World this weekend and those large plant dolly's are $5.97 and hold up to 120 lbs.:D They are about 12-14" square.

They do have the smaller wheels on them so I don't know what to think about a carpetted floor.

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