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Boerderij_Kabouter 09-26-2008 05:19 PM

The Fermento-lager-taporator!
I am slowly gathering pieces for my brewery build, but do to a sizable Oktoberfest party I received clearance to purchase 4 Perlick taps and shanks and the necessary gear to turn my chest freezer into a keezer! This is great, but obviously not as grand as the equipment could be...

For now I will be building a standard collar keezer... but in the future.....

Based on this design, I give you the fermento-lager-taporator!


The heart of this piece of equipment is the freezer which has the lid completely removed:

Next a somewhat modified collar is attached:

This collar will be a 2x8 which will allow my to comfortably fit 6 kegs in my small freezer. The freezer is 21x35 and 32" tall.

Arneba28 09-26-2008 05:23 PM

This is Damn COOL. Whats going in the top glass. Tell me that your putting fermenting carboys up in there to lager. This is awsome, like going to a brew pub where you can watch them brew.

Boerderij_Kabouter 09-26-2008 05:28 PM

part two
Next, I will build the frame from construction grade 2x4's.

The frame encases the freezer and forms the shape for the fermentation chamber and the storage area.

I will finish this piece with cherry or oak and stain it dark. The moulding will be simple and will have a heavy clear coat so it will be easy to wash and sanitize.


In operation, the freezer will be controlled by a love controller at about 38 degrees for conditioning and serving. The floor of the fermentation chamber (above the freezer space) will be removable and insulated. Access to the freezer will be through this removable floor, like this:

When the floor is in place, two tubes will connect the fermentation chamber and the freezer. Computer fans will be placed in the tubes and wired to a second love controller. The controller will turn the fans on and off to move cold air into and out of the fermentation chamber thereby maintaining an ideal ferment temperature.

The front doors of the fermentation chamber will be dual paned glass with a UV resistant coating so I can see my fermenting brew without opening the door and allowing a temperature shift.

Boerderij_Kabouter 09-26-2008 05:33 PM

part three
The serving portion is similar to a coffin. In this picture you can see the coffin box that is cooled by the freezer. This side area will also provide storage space for my 20# CO2 tank so that isn't sitting out. The love controllers will be in here, and probably shelving for glassware and other assorted goodies.


I will also have an access hatch cut in so I can get to the freezer internals without taking the whole thing apart.

And here is the business end at the end of the day!

This is likely a next year project for me, but I figured I would post and maybe inspire someone else with my ideas.


Brooklyn-Brewtality 09-26-2008 05:35 PM


This is such a cool idea!

BigKahuna 09-26-2008 05:37 PM

If you build 2, I'll come buy the second one from you.

Jester369 09-26-2008 05:40 PM

Looks sweet! One question - if you kick a keg, do you have to remove the fermenting brews from above to swap?

Boerderij_Kabouter 09-26-2008 05:42 PM

I have also uploaded the model to the 3D warehouse for those of you who use sketchup for modeling or want to take a closer look. just search homebrew and it will come up.

Boerderij_Kabouter 09-26-2008 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by Jester369 (Post 869192)
Looks sweet! One question - if you kick a keg, do you have to remove the fermenting brews from above to swap?

Yes, you would either have to shift them around to access one of the floor panels or remove them. I plan on building the floor in three sections so fermenters could be maneuvered to allow access to the freezer.

jfrizzell 09-26-2008 05:54 PM

Couple of questions:

- How are you going to deal with the heat generated by the freezer? In other words, how will you ventilate this so the compressor doesn't overheat?

- What happens when your freezer dies and you have to pull it out to put in a new one? Will there be an easy way to get it out without tearing the whole thing apart?

Otherwise, wow! Freaking awesome! :mug:

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