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Fourtytwo 07-25-2012 04:38 AM

Commercial refrigerator and love tss2 controler
One of my brewing buddies works at a cafe and they recently had one of the big commercial refrigerators stop working and they put it out for the scrap man. He took it back to his house and his brother in law was able to fix it. Looks to me like it will hold close to 16 carboys and who knows how many cornies. Great score!

I have been using 2 chest freezers until this and the new unit has about the same footprint as one of the freezers and holds 8x more. Only thing I was concerned about is my temp controller, I built it using a love controls tss2, the fridge claims to be 8 amps at 115 volts but the kill-o-watt has it somewhere between 9 and 10 amps when the compressor is on. The tss2 says One 16A SPDT relay @ 250 VAC, resistive; One 8A SPDT relay @ 250 VAC resistive.

do I need to rewire the tss2 using a relay? I'm assuming that out1 on the tss2 is the 16 amp relay also. really don't want to burn the tss2 up.

Fourtytwo 07-25-2012 04:50 AM

here is a link to the model. I did not pay that much tho:ban:


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