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sirmeowsalot 04-17-2012 12:44 AM

Broken Avanti BD6000
Hey guys,

So I recently acquired a 'broken' Avanti BD6000 Kegerator from a guy via Craigslist. Basically the guy said he thinks what's wrong with it is it leaks freon (which I've noticed these things are known to do). Only thing is, he isn't sure that's the issue. I've called around and a lot of appliance stores in my area wont even look/are familiar with kegerators.

I guess a good place to start is, are the parts from the BD7000 interchangeable with the BD6000? (If not then I'm probably just going to stop there on just try to sell the coupler, tap and tower)

I've kinda started taking it apart, only thing is I'm not really sure how to check what is broken, lol.

The most common problems I've noticed people come across are:

1)Freon leaks
2)Crappy/Broken Temperature Gauge
3)Broken Evaporator

How can I check, any or all of these issues?

The kegerator turns on, and seems to run fine, it just doesn't actually cool. Eventually I want to get a temperature controller which will take care of the 2nd issue.

I only paid $50 for it, cause the guy was kinda desperate to get rid of it. So as I mentioned before worst case I'll probably just try to salvage and sell the pieces. I would like to try and keep the expenses to $250>.

Sorry for the novel but a pet peeve of mine is people who have issues that have no details or explanations, lol.


stlbeer 04-17-2012 03:31 AM

If the compressor runs and there isn't much cooling then it's most likely low on freon. You'd need a set of gauges hooked up to it to really find out and that might not even be possible the way it sits. Maybe find a vending machine beverage supplier and ask if they have someone who could repair it?

Just a thought... Good luck.

sirmeowsalot 06-30-2012 01:36 AM

I appreciate the advice, I tried calling a few AC places but none said they would look at it. So I looked to taking it to appliance repair stores which none expect about 2-3 would even consider looking at it. Apparently kegarator parts are a pain to come by so instead of trying to mess around with it I just decided to get a chest freezer (that actually works, lol) and convert it. It gave me a lot more space also, and I only lost $50 on the broken kegarator.

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