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Coxy3128 01-25-2011 06:20 PM

Beer Line Out of side of Kegerator! Help!
I am running the beer line out of the side of the kegerator then through the wall where the dispensing of the beer will take place. I will have about 8 inches of exposed beer line. My question is will the beer go bad since that small amount of line isn't refridgerated? If it will go bad, what are my options to keep that amount of line cool? Please help.


IrregularPulse 01-25-2011 06:23 PM

Pipe Insulation and maybe a fan inside the fridge blowing cool air inside the insulation run. Or you could just dump the first couple ounces of warm beer before drinking for the night.

hamiltont 01-25-2011 06:24 PM

First thought is to insulate the line. Thinking the 1/2" pipe insulation might work. Otherwise you'll need something like a tower cooling unit, except it'll be horizontal. If the 8" of line gets warm you have some foam on the first warm pour is about it. Cheers!!!

Edit: IP ya got me by a nose... :-)

Walker 01-25-2011 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by Coxy3128 (Post 2582977)
My question is will the beer go bad since that small amount of line isn't refridgerated?

No. Beer doesn't spoil because it's at room temp. After all, you did let it sit at room temp for several weeks while it fermented, and some folks let it sit in the fermenter for months on end.

TheKeggingPart 11-20-2012 02:26 AM

I have a kegorator that I built into a counter at the family camp. The beer line comes out the top, then snakes around a bit in a wall before heading up a tower. I think it's about a 3' uninsulated. It's not used all that frequently, so all I do is pour out a little bit (~4oz) at the start of a drinking day and it's usually good to go. I also use some faucet plugs to help keep the faucets clean. That way no microbes can work their way back. I'm rather lazy about the lines and clean them at the beginning and end of the season.

I wouldn't worry about the 8". Just pour a drop for your homies and your lines will be good. Insulating will help some but not a whole lot.

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