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mrallison83 10-13-2009 06:02 AM

Baby fermoire = my fermbar build
first off wanted to say thanks for this great site i know i just joined and have not had alot of posts but i have read tons of posts here to get these crazy ideas firmly planted. Also thanks for all the quality posts that have helped me fine tune these plans.

I think that will be evident from the pics of my project. I am impatient, unorganized and under qualified as a builder but all that aside i think its going great. The basis of this project is without question the fermoire(which if you have not seen it search for it now it is a thing of beauty!) i completely stole the layout and just shrunk it down to the size that suited my needs.

The main differences between my build and the fermoire is of course the size(mine is about 1/4 the size of his) and the cooling. I will be using a minifridge that lives in the garage and does little more than add a few bucks to the power bill every month. Luckily it is a very old fridge and all the components are located outside of the walls and should be a pretty simple remove, rewire, reinstall job.

This piece will be located in a corner of my dining room and have a few shelves above it with a glass rack. my idea is to use it as a fermentor for a while until i can build something even better at which point i will add a tap handle or two and call it a day.

sorry to have such a long opener ill get to some pics now. Any advice, comments and/or criticism would greatly appreciated.

My fridge:
Basic frame:
Ended up with five layers of board spray foamed and chalk sealed on each layer(did i mention i am a slob... but you wont see any of that mess)
5 layers foam board 1 piece plywood 1 piece lamenated board 1 can spray foam 2 tubes chalk... over kill is the way to go!:
walls going up just brad nails until i get the upper frame built, then i can rack everything and get it all level:
all i have for today gonna start building the foam walls and the shelf in the back for the compressor tom:
hope you guys enjoy let me know what you think. update soon.

mrallison83 10-13-2009 06:05 AM

If anyone can let me know via PM how to imbed the imaged into the post it would be appreciated... sorry to be a nub.


gromitdj 10-13-2009 06:55 AM

I think you have to have a minimum of 10 posts before you can post pictures. Once you meet the minimum requirements, just use the image button to point to the url of the pictures and they should be there.

I'm going to follow this build, the wife just may let me put something this size in the dining room. So make sure you document it like crazy. Nice job so far.

mrallison83 10-13-2009 06:59 AM

thanks man will do and i can give you a list of measurements and such.

mrallison83 10-14-2009 05:17 AM

got a little bit farther today. dont have to be at work til four tom so we should see some real progress.
fully framed
top is just resting until i make a few cut outs to fill it
back frame will hold compressor for fridge at bottom(notice the Terrapin Rye squared IPA box good stuff brewed in alabama):

sealing all the frame work up tonight and will start the foamboard walls in the morning.

nystevecf 10-14-2009 12:27 PM

I dont want to take the wind out of your sails but if you want advice on the framing let me know, otherwise great job.

Jaysus 10-14-2009 12:43 PM

I like it!

Prime 10-14-2009 05:29 PM

I have been debating doing a mini version of the fermoire. I will be following your progress for ideas.

mrallison83 10-14-2009 06:19 PM

nystevecf: love to hear it man.

cryptonic84 10-14-2009 07:23 PM

i am following this as well. SWMBO might lemme do something similar. so far, thumbs up!

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