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Scalliwag 12-19-2006 03:25 AM

Antique styled Icebox Kegerator
I am drawing up a design to build a kegerator to look like an antique icebox for my study. The reason being is that everything in my study is either pre-1940 and earlier with the exception of one piece made to look it.
I have always been a big Eistein and Tesla buff and always wanted a study that would look to be from their era, silly maybe but....

I have just started getting into homebrew, gathered all the equipment including a couple of 20lb CO2 bottles and corny kegs so now I want to make this all fit into my theme. My study serves as a study, a music studio, and a place to get away and smoke my hookah (only flavored tobacco) and drink beer.
I figure giving you guys the reasoning would help to understand the logic, errrr, or lack thereof.

Right now only two things in my room mess things up, my bulky HP laser printer and my mini-fridge. Two things I need but as of yet have no place to hide.
While hitting the local antique store this weekend I saw an old icebox like I have seen for years and years except for this time since I am getting into homebrewing I had to exclaim EUREKA!!! there is the answer!!! After reading the thread where the guy built the very impressive walk-in fridge and being fairly good in woodwork and building things it was clear to me I need to make a suitable icebox with refridgerator innards.
I want it to 1) hold 4 Cornys, 2) have a easily accessable freezer compartment for frosting and storing mugs, 3) have an area up high for taps, but that can be covered when not in use since taps are not something I would expect to see in a room of this theme, 4) a small refrigerated compartment for bottled beer, and any more ideas that maybe you guys can throw my way.

All my furniture in the room is red mahogany finish including a large 1939 Philco shortwave radio I restored so the icebox will not look like the one pictured in more ways than just the compartment configurations.

For starters this is what a typical kinda large antique icebox looks like


This is what I keep my recording equipment in


and what it looks like when in use


The cabinet I have my studio in is similar as far as the way the top opens to how I want to hide the taps.

Hopefully you guys will forgive my lunacy and I expect that any people willing to make their own beer may be even more eccentric than me :)

cheers, Scalli

dantodd 12-19-2006 03:51 AM

Why not build your kegerator and then put a tower on top.

Then you can get an old gutted cathedral radio to put over the tower and make the front into a door. Keep a light on the dial too. It would look great

Scalliwag 12-19-2006 03:54 AM

I don't guess I ever seen a cathedral radio. Is it big enough for all that? I plan on keeping the 20lb CO2 in the bottom of the Philco and hiding the tube over to the icebox.

[EDIT] Oh, nevermind, I read it again and figured out what you meant. Hmmmm, but I need to do a search and find what one of those radios look like. It sounds like an idea that could save me some material costs since quality wood is higher than most antiques

Scalliwag 12-19-2006 04:06 AM

Cool idea!!! I just need one wide enough and tall enough. I could easily trim down to a two tap system and still be happy.
I *may* even cheat a bit and mount the taps on the radio if I used short handles so it was not quite so conspicuous.


dantodd 12-19-2006 05:30 AM

Yeah, I was thinking of turning the front into a door and mounting the tower inside but if you have more then 2 faucets it would be tough to fit it all in.

Maybe you could find an antique tower and just mount new faucets on it. They did have beer and taps in the 40's!

BTW: ever try XM radio's 40's channel?

edit: found this on ebay, not my color but fits your study's motif.

DrugCoder 12-19-2006 12:12 PM

If you want to get really creative, the pic you included looks like it has four doors. Find a way to conceal all of your cooling "innards" and kegs in three of the compartments and then close off the top right section. That way you could put in a tower with a few taps and a drip tray. Then to conceal it all you would have to do is close the door.

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