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jonmohno 08-12-2012 01:09 AM

Over at Ratebeer, visiting the Michelob Amberbock that I notice a first time rater from a Norwegian that this is the only beer worth drinking in the US and rated it as almost perfect 4.8 or something??? I guess someone is pretty snobish about miller bud and believes that is all we have to offer??? Goes to show how opinionated and obscure ratings can be I guess. WTF?:confused: Actual quote " This is the only beer I like in the US I wish was sold in the Uk."

Insert laughs here? Its just bizarre to me.

Hammy71 08-12-2012 01:51 AM

The whole ratebeer thing is even more bizarre to me. Most of the reviews are from wanna be beer geeks. Oh...and if it's an IPA....it's gonna rank high. It annoys me that Bill from Billings thinks a beer has a nice bouquet. Just sayin.

jonmohno 08-12-2012 02:02 AM

What kills me is all the double ipa's or double stouts which just automatically rate high. I understand the awesome flavor but to rate it that high seems to be a trend which makes normal ipas well seem just average. And why cant light lagers or pale lagers be rated any higher than they seem worth. The lower the abv the lower rating. I mean a light beer has a place as a light low cal beer why can it not be rated per style which it is worth? The lighter the beer the lower the rating, that is BS it should be rated per style which who can make a good tasting light lager be a 4-5 point rated beer? Its rediculous and I guess opinions can suck. And whatever,It up to us to decide anyway I guess but It its not set in stone like many would believe I guess. Just venting a little maybe. I love you all,and its only 9: O'clock. !

EnjoyGoodBeer 08-12-2012 02:35 AM

Ive had over 130 or so beer brands from all over and about 200 full never opened bottles for my collection. I have only had a few of them that I would never buy again. ( mostly because of the price). But the ones that i would rate lower is the michelobe sampler pack ( porter wheat ect.) in my mind all craft beers are good guess I just love beer. But I don't like pissy flavorless water beers. And hopefully soon I'll be drinking my own craft brew. Dont know were I was going with this think im a bit off subject. Haha. Anyways good night.

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