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Revvy 09-11-2012 06:06 PM

Who's gonna be the first? (Red Robin Beer Milkshake?)


Red Robin Beer Milkshake Debuts Ahead Of Oktoberfest

Red Robin, home of the ghost pepper burger, has launched a beer milkshake today, made with Sam Adams Octoberfest draft, soft serve vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup and caramel. It is available to customers 21 and over for about $5 and will be sold until November 11.

Donna Ruch, master mixologist with Red Robin, (yes folks, Red Robin does apparently have a "master mixologist"), refers to the milkshake as "innovative." We're not sure we'd go that far -- it's not like Red Robin invented this concoction -- but for a fast casual restaurant, we suppose this does offer something a little bit different.

Along with the boozy milkshake, Red Robin is also debuting warm pretzel bites, served with beer cheese and beer mustard. There's also the return of the Oktoberfest burger made with a toasted pretzel bun, beer mustard, melted Swiss cheese, sauteed onions, ham and lettuce.

Red Robin has about 460 restaurants around the country.
I think there's a Red Robin on the corner of my street (my radar ignores chain restaurants) I think I might have to stop in and give it a try. I wonder if we get to keep the Sam Adam's glass.

E-Mursed 09-11-2012 06:21 PM

Another reason why Red Robin is one of the worst chain/theme restaurants.

iaefebs 09-11-2012 07:46 PM


I wonder if we get to keep the Sam Adam's glass.
For $5.00 I doubt it. I would like to see the back of the glass to see if it has a Red Robin logo on. It would certainly be added to my Red Lobster Sam Adams glass.

Brulosopher 09-11-2012 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by E-Mursed
Another reason why Red Robin is one of the worst chain/theme restaurants.

But those fries dipped in the poppyseed honey mustard... dammit, man

DromJohn 09-11-2012 10:27 PM

Looks good even if it's not October yet.

I had a Highland Oatmeal Porter float with chocolate ice cream at the Savannah Brew Festival. It was very good.

ReverseApacheMaster 09-12-2012 03:35 AM

No thank you. Even if they play open condom style while I drink it.

RoughandReadyRanch 09-12-2012 04:05 AM

I was just about to crack open a Sam Adams seeing as I just scored the fall case for $13.99. If only I had me some ice cream and caramel sauce...:( Would have figured the pumpkin would have been the better choice for a milkshake or maybe the Dunkelweizen with banana ice cream and caramel. Que Homer Simpson " MMMMMmmmmmm Beer milkshake aaaaagghhhhhhh"

ReverseApacheMaster 09-12-2012 11:52 PM

This morning on the local Fox affiliate they were talking about this. One of the hosts declared that the SA Oktoberfest has pumpkin in it. So now you know.

david_42 09-12-2012 11:58 PM

Never been in a RR and my wife isn't even slightly interested. Really, neither am I.

Homercidal 09-13-2012 05:06 PM

I'd hit that full force. Beer and Ice Cream. I've done it before.

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