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Brew Runner 09-19-2007 08:00 AM

What's the word?

Before I get crucified, I know it's a bottle of aggaravated assault for the senses. However, it is a legitimate commercial product that can be critiqued in an emipirical manner. Since this niche appears largely unexplored here, I'm going to accept the inclusion of Night Train, Cisco, MD 20/20, Wild Irish Rose, and whatever else you all would like to add....as long as it is a wine or resembles one.

Thunderbird - It reminds me of sugar-enhanced white grape juice cut with about 20% of Everclear. It has to be served nearly freezing cold. In fact it will dip well below 32F and not freeze thanks to the 17% abv. On the other hand, I think it is actually more drinkable than some of the stuff that Trader Joe's carries.

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