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EoinMag 03-20-2010 07:27 PM

Took a trip to the Off license (beer store) today.
I got a nice selection of beers.
I concentrated on Irish micros, but also got a few Lambics and a few from Sierra Nevada and a DFH 60.
The shop is www.drinkstore.ie they have a great selection and do a lot for getting us foreign craft brews here in Ireland.


The list is:

DFH 60
Chapeau Gueuze
Chapeau Framboise
Boon Kriek
Belfast Black
SN Anniversary Ale
SN Porter
Belfast Lager
Mollys chocolate stout
Headless dog
Clotworthy Dobbin
Porterhouse Plain
Porterhouse Hophead
Timothy Taylor Landlord

So far I've tried the SNPA, which I enjoyed.
I am presently drinking the Chapeau Gueuze and while it's a lot sweeter than I expected it's fantastic. It gets a lot of bad reviews online but this is nice, like a port or a sherry almost, that said, it's well matured as it's reaching it's best before date shortly, so I think maybe others are drinking younger ones.

david_42 03-21-2010 02:34 PM

I suspect many posters wouldn't appreciate a good port or sherry either. I've got a few more bottles of a 1969 private label port that spent 19 years in oak before bottling. I ration myself to one bottle a year.

FlatcapBrew 03-21-2010 03:40 PM

I just got back from Ireland yesterday and tried a few of those while i was there. The belfast black says its a dry stout but i thought it seemed more like an oatmeal stout and when i read the bottle it said that it was made with oats, but I still enjoyed it. the belfast lager was good too. I tried the clotworthy dobbin also and i think it was decent if i remember correctly. the porterhouse beers were good too, i enjoyed the hophead quite a bit and my girlfriend enjoyed the plain.

EoinMag 03-21-2010 09:52 PM

I'm not such a sherry fan, but I really like my ports around Xmas time, and a good drink is a cheaper port with a shot of brandy thrown in, no messing about with that one.

I don't like the Belfast lager myself, I like my lagers with noble hops, this one is not appealing.
The Dobbin is very very good in my book and I'm a real fan of the porterhouse plain, not so much the hop head.

The lambics have been the surprise hit, really impressed with them.
The rest of them, well to be honest, I can brew stuff as good myself and I've only started with mini mashes.

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