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Boston 11-03-2007 12:47 AM

Sierra Nevada Celebration
It's now on the grocer's shelves. Good stuff

Dude 11-03-2007 12:51 AM

Oh Yessssss................

Glibbidy 11-03-2007 03:07 AM

rock....that is yum.

Short Drive 11-03-2007 03:10 AM

I've been waiting so long,
and I'm off tomorrow.

Vagrant 11-03-2007 03:44 AM

In the Atlanta Area, it's stocked in Sweetwater Beverage in Duluth, GA.

rflem550 11-04-2007 01:17 AM

Not here yet......We are always last to get everything. :(

PseudoChef 11-04-2007 06:11 PM

Already gone from my main store here. Hoping they either get more in stock or the store across town has some. SWMBO loves it.

SWMBO + Celebration Ale = good times for all. (Well, all meaning me and her).

ScubaSteve 11-04-2007 06:38 PM

Use Dude's recipe. Mine turned out awesome.....now I have it on tap.

PseudoChef 11-04-2007 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by ScubaSteve
Use Dude's recipe. Mine turned out awesome.....now I have it on tap.

It's planned.

San_Diego_Matt 11-05-2007 07:10 PM

we've had celebration on tap down here for a couple weeks now. I still have a 6 pack of 2005 and 2006 in the fridge. Need to have a little vertical tasting soon I think

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