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swstim 03-15-2013 03:01 AM

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And the results... (recipe in post #8 above)

Mine on the left, commercial Hopalicious on the right.

First impressions - They're very close. Closest clone I've done.

Color - Clone is slightly too dark. I did a comparo a couple days before this picture was taken and I swore the color was identical.

Aroma - Cascade is definitely right for this. Hopalicious has a nice earthy aroma that's less in mine. Next time I would try double dry hopping, or more.

Bitterness - Mine has a bit of a harsh bitterness that's not present in H. I would dial the IBU back by 5 for next time and go with FWH as DuffMantt suggests.

Malt - Very close. I wouldn't change the grain bill for a redo except to dial everything back slightly; maybe just skip the carapils. I ended up on the plus side of 6%; should be a touch less which is reflected a bit in the flavor. I like the balance however, so bringing the grain bill down a touch with the IBU should keep the ratio about the same.

Other - Lacing is better (as usual) with the homebrew. Also, Hopalicious has a ton of hop solids floating around (somewhat visible in the photo) that aren't in mine. I didn't filter, or even secondary for that matter, but I did cold condition and then keg condition for a couple weeks.

I hope someone benefits from this; please reply back if you give it a shot!

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